7 GOOD Reasons to Apply for a Grant Boiler NOW –

Home Improvement Grants – Boiler Scrappage

Heres 7 good reasons why you should apply for a Grant Boiler as Soon as possible: 

  1.       Grants can end at any time without warning.

    The Government never seem to give notice when they are about to pull the plug on
 funding for Grants

   2. If you are eligible you will get a New Boiler fully fitted for around a third of the price !

3           3.   You will get Free 2 years warranty so you cancel expensive £20 a month boiler cover plans.
                           This will save you over £250 a year alone!

         4.    You will save up to £15 a month with reduced gas bills by having an A Rated energy efficient boiler.                   Put that money towards a holiday !

    5. You can get shot of the old Heatlines, Ravenheat, and Ideal Isars and  upgrade to a Top Of The   Range Worcester Bosch or Vaillant.
Be the envy of your neighbours who will all be jealous!

     6.    Our chosen boiler we always fit  “Worcester Bosch”  has been voted Which Boiler Of The Year for 8 years running.

7 .  Applicants love this super reliable boiler as they enjoy peace of mind and rarely have tenants complaining about heating breakdowns.

Claim Your £499 -£799* Grant Boiler now while there is still time.

You will be kicking yourself if you miss this one.

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