Government Boiler Grants – Who Qualifies ?

Do You Qualify For A Grant Towards A New Boiler ?

To Qualify for a new boiler at a heavily discounted price all applicants under the boiler replacement scheme must satisfy the following criteria

All applicants must :

Own their own home and receive a combination of government benefits (see below)

The existing boiler must be more than 7-years old

Which Benefits Qualify For A Boiler Grant ?

Child tax credits

Working tax credits

Income-related ESA /JSA

Income support

Universal Credit

Tax credits

Pension credits


Attendance Allowance

Carers Allowance

Applicants in receipt of child tax credits, working tax credits and universal credits are subject to household income thresholds.

What Contribution Is Needed For A New Boiler ?

Because of funding restrictions in relation to the Affordable Warmth Scheme, all households will be asked to contribute towards the cost of installing a new gas boiler.

You should expect to pay between £499-£899 for a straight swap.

Are There Any Free Boiler Schemes ?

Free Boiler Scheme has ended so please do not apply if you are unwilling to pay towards it as you will be charged a survey fee.

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