Government Grants For Homes.

A Guide To Insulating Your Property.


 If you are thinking of insulating your property, there are government grants for homes available to help you with the cost. We recommend a whole house approach to maximise savings on your bills. This is a list of options available to you.

Government Grants For Home Improvement.
Do remember that there are Government Grants available so please investigate the possibility that you may be eligible to apply.

We can help you to check your property eligibility.

Types Of Insulation Available and Likely Costs.

External wall insulation 

Saves £490 a year on bills.
Average cost £75 -£100 per metre2.

An average semi detached property will cost £8000 – £1000 to insulate.

Internal wall insulation  
Could save you £460 a year.
Average £40 – £50 per metre2  –  Can cost up to £1000 per room

Underfloor insulation 

Saves you £60 per year

Average cost £15 -£20 per roll   – Diy cost around £100 per room.

Loft insulation

Saves you up to £150 per year.

Average cost £15- £20 per roll .   Diy costs around £180 per average loft
Professionally will cost you on average £400- £500

Cavity Wall Insulation

Save you around £140 a year.
Average cost is £8 per square meter. Average house will cost £400- £500

Pipe Insulation.

You can buy these pipe wraps for £1 each  and do all your pipes for less than £50.

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