Grants For Central Heating


Central Heating Grants are available for the installation of central heating systems ONLY into homes which do not have, and have not previously had a central heating system.

If you have an existing boiler fitted – YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE!

If you qualify for a central heating grant, you will receive a brand new central heating system fully fitted to include up to 7 radiators and all controls.

Do You Qualify For This Heating Grant?

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Home Heating Grants

Home Owner & Private Rented Sector are all eligible if someone living permanently at the property receives a qualifying State Benefit.

Non Qualifying Sorry

You will not qualify for central heating grants if you rent your home from a local council or a housing association or if you live in a shared ownership home.

What Heating IS Accepted As Eligible?

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 Your home must currently have one of the following heating systems OR no heating at all.

  1. Electric room heaters
  2. Inefficient electric storage heaters
  3. Gas room heaters
  4. Gas fire with back boiler
  5. Solid fossil fuel fire with back boiler
  6. Electric underfloor or ceiling heating (not an electric boiler)
  7. Bottled LPG room heaters
  8. Solid fossil fuel room heaters
  9. Wood or biomass room heaters
  10. Oil room heaters

The heating system used to determine whether you qualify for A Central Heating Grant is the one which appears as the ‘Main Heating’ system on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your home.

See The EPC Register here

What Types Of Heating Are Available

Most installers only offer mains gas or LPG central heating systems under the Central Heating Grants Scheme.

How Do You Apply?

Visit Our Home Page and Fill in a short survey.

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