Grants For Landlords – MEES Regulations

 ( Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards )

Since April 2018 , all new tenancies can only be granted if the property is a minimum EPC rating of E.

Properties rated F & G on the EPC register will not be allowed to be put forward for rental and it will be a criminal offence to rent out any property not complying.
Hefty fines are proposed too.

This new law will mean that lots of landlords  may lose out on valuable rental income if they have  old properties in their portolio which will become worthless.

Improve Your EPC Rating

 We can assist you to improve your property rating with the assistance of available Grants.

There are Grants from 50% to 100% for the following measures :

Loft Insulation

warm front grants

Cavity Wall Insulation

Electric Storage Heaters

These New Heating & Insulation  grants will  bring your properties up to spec very cheaply AND all will be free of charge !

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