Heating & Insulation Grants For Landlords

Did you know that there are government funded Grants For Landlords and tenants to help improve the energy efficiency of their rented properties?

Many rented properties need their insulation and heating upgraded and the government is providing thousands of £ worth of FREE funding to assist those on low income benefits.

Heating & Insulation Grants For Landlords do help improve the EPC rating and Energy efficiency of their properties.

In Many Cases they will be 100% Free if the current tenant in the property receives a qualifying UK benefit.

Usually in rental properties , you will find that around 80% of tenants will receive a benefit which is good nesw for the landlords as it opens the door to potentially thousands of pounds worth of free insulation and heating measures paid for by the taxpayer.

Another benefit of this scheme is that it can can help achieve improvements to the EPC ratings of all these properties above the minimum “E” level that is currently required to enable landlords to let their properties.

Currently F & G rated properties are illegall to rent out.

What Grants Are Available ?

Free Central Heating

Free Insulation Upgrades

Free Storage Heater Replacements

Why Apply ?

Home Heating Grants
  • You Can Increase the EPC energy ratings of all your rental properties FREE OF CHARGE!
  • You can increase the value of your property AND make it easier to rent out
  • You will comply with new legislation that forbids the renting out of properties that have an EPC rating of F &G

Contact us now for details. As long as your tenant receives a benefit, you will qualify !!!!!!!!!

Remember , You could  improve your entire portfolio of rental properties FOR FREE

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