Home Improvement Grants – Boiler Grant Scheme 2021

A New Boiler From £499 -£999

Why are Grants Available?

This fantastic Grant has been set up to assist Low Income Households to exchange their old boilers cheaply.
Without assistance, people who cannot afford a new boiler would struggle to heat their house and keep their bills down.

The government recognises this and has earmarked funding to help those in fuel poverty.

Boiler Grants -Do You Qualify?

The Criteria to apply is :

Your boiler has to be over 7 Years Old   AND
A Resident at the property has to be claiming one below:

  1. Tax Credits
  2. Pension Credit ( Guarantee only )
  3. Income Support
  4. Employment Support Allowance ( Income Based )
  5. Job Seekers Allowance      ( Income Based )

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is required To apply?
We use a Data Matching Service  to confirm  applicants eligibility for the grant. 
Please provide the  Benefits Claimant’s  Full Name, Address & Date Of Birth and also a signed consent form in order for us to access the register.

What happens next if I am  Eligible?

The installer will contact you to book  your survey and progress application to install.

How Long Does The Process Take?
Average time to install from start to finish  is 2 – 3 weeks.

Any Extra Charges ?
·        Boilers over 10 years old
May need a Gas Supply Pipe Upgrade to conform with current regs.  This is charged at £199.       
·        Vertical Flus
 If needed  charged at  £199.
·        2 Bedroom Properties & Flats
These receive lower grant funding and so a £199 extra charge is applicable.
·        Heat Only Boilers
 Some are unsuitable for exchange and will need a conversion to combi.  Charged at £1099

Will My Application Be Successful ?

Whilst we always act in good faith to achieve a successful outcome, not all applications are successful. Some properties are awarded a low grant and therefore do not progress to install.

Do I Need To Pay A Deposit ?
Our approved Installers may require  a £25  Deposit taken when  booking in the required survey.
This non-refundable deposit covers the cost of surveys and will be deducted from your  final invoice. 

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