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Boiler Scheme Review Feb 2021

The current boiler scrappage scheme does need  reviewing of procedures in order to maximise conversions to a sale.

Survey & Go

We  do not go out to the property to give Free Surveys any longer.
We attend the property to finalise this fantastic offer.

People are still applying in reduced numbers for this scheme and are indicating upon first contact that they are happy to pay the £499 – £999 contribution.
However, we are finding that people are having the survey at no expense to themselves and then not going forward to install.

This survey costs installers on the scheme around £100 so this does need addressing as they are losing out on much needed revenue.

Possibly down to cooling off and unwilling to pay after having time to think.
Or, they are making multiple applications for thses grants trying to find the cheapest deal.

Learning Curve

People are still applying with full knowledge of likely payments so it must be our processes that are hindering take up.

New Procedure For Applications

All clients are now asked  to pay a £10 deposit and to give an indication of when they want the boiler installing 

We will only process applications  if client is ready to go and pays the deposit.

I hope this will all assist our businesses and allow us to focus only on clients who are serious about applying.

New Procedure For Clients

3 Stages  To Qualify

Stage 1
Client details will be sent  for data match to see if  qualify. We will phone client to congratulate and move to stage 2

Stage 2
We will attend property to survey boiler and property to ensure both qualify . £10 Deposit is taken .

Stage 3
We confirm price  and book a preliminary install date.

We do not leave the property without an install date as the client will already committed to the process at lead gen and booking in stage.

This process is now working well and has increased conversions significantly.

If you are interested in A New Boiler under this scheme please see button below

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