Home Improvement Grants – Boiler Scrappage Scheme

Free Extras?

There still seems to be a new ( or not as the case may be) phenomenon seeping around the current boiler Scrappage Scheme where a small number of qualifying clients feel that they are also entitled to FREE extras.
 This is in addition to getting a brand new boiler supplied and fitted for free or heavily discounted to a third of the price !
Some people are very cheeky indeed ! lol.

What extras are being asked for ?

Examples of  what I have come across since the inception of the scheme in 2013 are listed below. These include:

  • Changing their existing 28 KW boiler for a much larger 38 KW Worcester Bosch at no extra cost .
  • Choosing the boiler model they require.
  • Existing Leaks on the system repaired.
  • Asking for just  this small radiator fitted for free with the promise that he will get you lots of new customers.
  • Moving  the boiler to a new location for free
  • Converting the back boiler to a Combi for free.

                ……AND MANY MORE!


Gift Horse In the Mouth?

There does seem to be an abundance of ” Gift Horse “ customers circulating around this fantastic Boiler grant scheme ! lol
I have also had some clients threaten to cancel too if their demands are not met. 
This is usually very craftily done after the installer has committed to the application and paid out for surveys. 
Not Cricket !

Please Be Grateful!

Unfortunately this scheme has brought out the worst in people and I have encountered a  lot of ungrateful people out there that do not deserve a boiler on favourable terms. 
Indeed I have met some who feel they are doing myself and the  installers a favour by allowing us to fit them a boiler.

Action Taken To Counter this.

I have had to take to designing a presentation pack to show to my customers showing what is actually included “ for their money “ and a Transparent Price List for all these extras that some clients feel they are entitled to!
This has helped.


I do try to weed out the non payers /  gift horse customers, at the beginning of the process  so that they can cancel before my installers have invested any time and money in Surveys. 
This time could be better spent on genuine customers who will be grateful for anything free from the government.


This post probably applies to under 5 % of applicants with the rest being a pleasure to deal with and well deserving.
The Boiler Grant scheme is still available at time of writing ( Jan 2018 )
We are happy to advise if you wish to leave a comment.

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