Home Improvement Grants – Can I get Free Loft Insulation?

Off Gas Properties

At the time of writing, ( Feb 2021)  many customers in the above houses that are off the gas grid  can still get it absolutely free  of charge under the Government ECO scheme if you are on benefits.

Gas Properties

People in Gas Heated Properties on benefits may  have to pay a small contribution at the moment but we believe this will change in the near future. 

How Is The Grant For Insulation Calculated?

The size of your home insulation grant will depend on the amount of carbon saving the insulation is estimated to make.

 A large home that uses a lot of energy is likely to achieve a larger grant. Off gas properties generate a lot of carbon which is why they are free at  the moment.

5 Reasons why you should Insulate Your Loft Today

  1.          A quarter of all heat generated is lost through your roof. That is a lot of cash wasted!

     2.     You will save over £150 a year by insulating your loft space. 
       That money will be better spent on a new holiday !

     3.     Your home will be a lot of cosier and comfortable in the cold and dark winter   nights.

   4.     Your well insulated home will be more attractive to homebuyers when you do come to sell.

    5.     A lot of homes can still their their loft done for free!

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