Home Improvement Grants – Dealing With Mould

Do You Have Mould On Your Walls?

If  this is present in your property please read this article and do take action to deal with existing mould and prevent its reoccurrence.

The Culprit – Condensation.

What is condensation?

  • This is moisture that it ever present in the air and forms on cold surfaces such as walls, glass , mirrors etc.
  • Mainly found where there is no air movement. 
  • This is particularly worse in the  winter.

Causes Of Mould In Properties

·         Excess steam – from cooking, showering, drying laundry. 

·         Poor Ventilation

·         Not Enough Heating In Property

·         Lack Of Insulation.

·         Failed Cavity wall Insulation

The Remedy – Dealing With Mould 

             As always prevention is better than cure.            A change in your habits will greatly reduce any future problems.

Should you ignore?

This will not go away and you will find mould will eventually start to grow on your walls and around windows.
Your rooms will start to smell musky and damp too. This will greatly affect your property value and enjoyment of your home.

Recommendation to Stop Mould – Produce Less Moisture

  •  Dry clothes outside.
  • ·         When cooking – close the kitchen door and cover pans with lids.
  • ·         Use extractor fans when showering & cooking.
  • ·         Ventilate the whole house daily by opening doors and windows.
  • ·         Keep all rooms temperature above 15  degrees.
  • ·         Insulate Walls and loft.
  • ·         Use dehumidifiers.

Note- if you feel your cavity wall insulation has failed, please consult a professional.

This short guide should assist you to deal with any mould issues and prevent any reoccurrence.
For further advice on heating or insulation, please visit our website on www.helptoheatgrants.co.uk.

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