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Reducing Mould In the Home

As part of these series in reducing mould growth in the home, this article is paying particular attention to the 2 main areas of the house in which  you need to focus on .

Kitchen and Bathrooms produce the most amount of steam and condensation in your home. 

Ventilating these two areas will prevent future problems with mould growth.


9 Ventilation tips

Both rooms can produce a lot of steam and heat due to cooking and personal hygiene reasons.
A fine level of balance is needed to ventilate but also to prevent unnecessary draughts.

  1. Both rooms should have electrical fans. 150 mm is preferred as it will remove more stale air and condensation

2.      Keep kitchen and bathroom windows open regularly.

3.      Always use the fan when  showering / bathing / using hot water to dissipate all steam from the room.
             An over run feature on bathroom fans will ensure maximum removal of steam when you leave the room.

  1. Use a cooker hood when cooking but only switch the extractor on for the minimum time necessary.
  2. Turn down each ring or burner on the cooker.

Medium setting is usually more than ample.

  1. Always put the lids on pans when cooking to decrease cooking time and to prevent evaporation of cooking water.

 Excess evaporation is a good  indication of wasted heat and fuel.

  1. Switch to using a pressure cooker, which have been proven to  reduce cooking times.  This will save you money in the long run as well as reducing steam.
  1. Increased use of a microwave for cooking is preferred as it has less need of ventilation.

9.      Have air bricks in both rooms to ensure minimum ventilation at all times.

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